Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Wrastle

Three little boys and one pink shirt!
And Grandma saying 'You'll soon get hurt!'
While babies love to coo and nestle,
Lively boys like to fight and wrestle.
When we see lion cubs at play,
We see all 'cubs' behave this way.
Harry's on top but not for long.
Blake's underneath; he must be strong!
Max is about to land on his head.
Once more Grandma's filled with dread.
Shrieks of laughter fill the house.
And once we were quieter than a mouse!
The house is small; it's full of noise.
Full of happy little boys.
We tend to think there's too much riot.
But we hate it when the house goes quiet.



Vintage cars, or cars Historic,
Make my husband feel euphoric!
They don't do a thing for me!
I've no partiality!
But when they're lined-up in the sun,
Sparkling, gleaming every one,
I feel a certain admiration;
They look so smart when in formation!
Sunday in the Park, what joy
For any car-mad man or boy!


Jenny's Heart said...

Looks like a load of fun! I remember those days with my sisters and brother...

Anonymous said...

I was scrolling down to Beverly's comment section and saw your photo -thought it had to be a game of twister - not - but just about the same. Great poem and a great way to bless you and yours in remembering these days! And the cars. I was admiring an old 50's caddy (I think that's what it was) the other day - bright red, top down, a couple riding past. If my husband had been there, he'd have told me what year, make and model. I wished I could've grabbed my camera but I was driving and unable to at the time. I meant to tell my husband about the car, but forgot! :) Just browsing a few pinks today. Thanks, Jenn.

Linda M. said...

Happy Pink Saturday, Wonderful fun Wrastler poem. Have a wonderful week. Linda