Friday, August 12, 2011



gave us two paintings to choose from: I chose this one.


The smoke! The fire! The rumbling power!
See the volcano's flaming tower!
Nothing around but devastation.
Then, a sudden new creation!
Out of the lava, now grown cold,
Little green shoots, so bright and bold.
Nature can be very cruel,
But it can also bring renewal.



Holding a hand; a wild wind blowing.
Then evacuation! Where was I going?
An English village, a Castle above.
London! Excitement! My first love.
Rhodesia! A climate of perfection.
Shipboard life! A Cape Town direction.
The birth of a child! The best of thrills!
South African vineyards, beaches, hills.
Hundreds of children, a pleasure to teach.
Australia! Waterways and beach.
Amateur theatre! Fun and leisure.
Three little grandsons, each a treasure!
Having a Blog! Enormous fun!
And the memory-making's still not done!



jabblog said...

So very true - volcanoes bring disaster and renewal.
I love your thirteen memories:-)

Jinksy said...

Yay! You spotted the new life waiting to burst forth from the depths... Thanks for pedalling the Tandem again, and creating a 14 th memory as well!! Loved the illustration, by the way...

vivinfrance said...

Both brilliant - the first a lovely take on the picture, and the second shows the riches of memory. You're right, there will be more.

Maude Lynn said...

I love your take on the painting!

SG said...

Even I chose this graphic. I love your interpretation.

Doctor FTSE said...

Volcanoes are fascinating. Your poem enlivens them, surely.

Katherine Krige said...

I love your memory poem. It made me smile. :)

Ann Grenier said...

Love your Tandem poem rhymes and idea of renewal.