Sunday, August 21, 2011

Our Shipwrecks

                                                              Newcastle NSW

has chosen the topic ' Shipwreck'.


Walk along Nobby's Breakwater; turn your eyes from the land
And imagine all the wrecks beneath the sea.
The mouldering hulks seem vanished, but some are lying there,
A sorry part of our city's history.
And somewhere, if we could find them, lie forgotten human remains,
Skeletons, including  ancient skulls,
And the waves beat above them ceaselessly, with that ageless maritime roar,
Joining in the chorus of the gulls.
And they were flesh and blood like us, they had their hopes and dreams;
And the Hunter River seemed a haven then;
So near the land they foundered, yet most could not be saved;
Remember them, these long-forgotten men.



An agapanthus leaf, as everybody knows,
Is smooth and curved and leathery; that's the way it grows!
Yet its shadow seems to be all spiky and serrated
Just like the leaves of some sort of fern, which cannot be related!
What a trick of shading! What a sleight of hand!
One overhung the other.
Now you understand!

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Christine said...

imagine the discoveries, it must be exciting for some divers, to search the deep graveyards below