Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Seeing Red



They gathered in my cosy room,
Escaping from the winter gloom,
Ready to practise for a play;
Another 'gig' was on its way.
I looked at them and 'I saw red'.
I took the photo then I said
'Red is such a cheerful colour;'
It stops the grey from looking duller.
Everyone is cheered and warmed,
Cosied-up and quite transformed
By a ruby's generous glow.'
The others said 'Oh! Are we duller
Because we wear a different colour?'
Compliments sometimes backfire
When it comes to comments on attire!




There's a time when babyhood
Has upped and gone, and gone for good.
Childhood isn't here just yet,
He's half-person and half-pet.
In the dappled shadow see
The person who will, one day, be,
And the baby who's departed
Leaving us a bit downhearted.
How we love to see them grow!
But say goodbye to Baby? No!


I haven't been posting Happy Snaps lately because I had a computer breakdown. Everything was soon repaired and replaced but I'd lost my photo resizer and I couldn't be bothered with uncropped photos. This one of Malcolm with his new baby is actually uncropped to show the MG in all its glory! I know you'll enjoy seeing it, Mike. 
        Incidentally, I looked into my much-neglected Facebook page today and found Emma there!

I'm putting an up-to-date diary-load of photos on Rinkly Report which is a monthly diary page.
if anyone's interested.

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Maude Lynn said...

I'm really jealous of Malcolm's new baby! Wow!