Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Search for Me

asks the question 'Do you know who you are?'

I'd lie in bed, when I was small, searching my skull for ME.
My head felt like an empty space! Wherever could ME be?
Then, later, when I realised grey matter was 'up there',
I still couldn't see where ME was; it seemed the cupboard was bare!
And now, it seems, it's been verified, there is no ME to find;
Each one of us is the sum of experiences of every different kind.
We've built up memories since birth; we've joined them one to one;
Synapses and neurones make sure the job is done.
As babies we were pages that were completely blank,
And lots of events and imaginings are what we have to thank
For the overwhelming sense of ME,  that we carry everywhere!
We talk to ourselves and yet we talk to someone who's not there!
There is no ME that's nestling in a space between our ears;
When the light goes out the MEness.......completely disappears!


Howdja like my beanie! Howdja like my hat!
Bet you wish you'd got a 'titfer' just the same as that!
Howdja like my big brown eyes and their cheeky little glance?
And see the brick-red flowers on my nifty litte pants!
When Grandad was a baby they dressed him all in white!
They liked to keep him neat and clean (and that was quite a fight!)
It meant washing, it meant soaking, it meant hanging on the line.
Bet Grandad's Mum would have welcomed soil-proof clothes like mine!

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Anonymous said...

Love love love it! You have a beautiful way with mixing rhyme & storytelling. Its lyrical! Thanks for sharing in Free Write Friday! Hope to see u next weekend!