Monday, August 8, 2011

Leaving a Laugh Behind

                                                     Gerald Gee



Gerald Gee? I never knew him,
Yet I pay a tribute to him.
He was just a chap on line
Whose sense of humour was akin to mine.
When I heard that he had died
I didn't sob, I merely sighed.
After all, he was no friend.
And, after all, life has to end.
Yet Blogging lost some of its zing;
Just like a step that's lost its spring.
Here is one of his little jokes;
He was one of those jokey blokes.
Yet his 'real art' was lovely, too,
Gerald, I publish this for you.


I'm rather narrow-minded, in a way.
When sex comes on the screen I look away.
I think my attitude,
That of an ageing prude,
Is due to the morals of an earlier day.
There was a certain gentleman named Hays,
Who felt it infra-dig to sit and gaze
At skin that was exposed
By lovely girls who posed,
Expressing sex in many different ways
The 'Hays Code' was a rule that was in force,
To censor any 'liberties' or 'sauce'.
Nothing 'naughty' could be seen
Up there on the silver screen.
So I grew up inhibited, of course!
A married couple never shared a bed!
'Twin beds must be in evidence' it said!
There was a great divide,
Twenty-seven inches wide (!)
Between a husband and the girl he wed!
These rules held sway for nearly thirty years.
Our morals were protected, it appears.
I grew up thinking nudity
Was a very nasty crudity.....
Along with many others of my peers!
Of course, we overcame our shame in time
And stopped thinking of 'amour' in terms of crime
But when sex is on TV
I keep gazing at my knee,
Missing some scenes that may be quite sublime!
I think back to those days of the censored star
And I think how sexy present offerings are.
Are we better, are we worse?
Is censorship a curse?
Could it be that nowadays 'we' go too far?

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Kim, USA said...

The first poem and the carton made me smile. The second one made me think though, and yes we are going too far! ^_^ Happy Monday!