Monday, August 22, 2011

The Revolutionary

asks us to use the words in the above wordle

Two of these in a row because my computer failed me so I missed last week. Sorry!


I joined the Revolution
Out of desperation
I was certainly no slouch
When fighting for my nation.
My ruler was like a stranger
Who stood within my gate;
His life was cheap, I told myself;
I'd be master of my fate.
I would feel cleansed, I told myself,
When I had turned the screw!
My head  was in a spin
Thinking what I would do!
It was quite exciting! 
All that bang and flash!
Yet now I look about my land
And everything is ash;
Granite buildings are wasted,
Desolation lies around;
I was searching for glory
But ruin is what I found.



I'd feel like playing Hopscotch if I ever found my way
To Finsbury Avenue at night! All so different from the day!
In sunshine there would be revealed a street quite plain and drab,
Relieved , maybe, by a big red bus or a big black taxi-cab.
We'd hardly notice paving-stones, just tread on them, that's all,
And our interest in their squareness would be infinitely small!
But light them up with scarlet and the playground is complete!
A vast expanse of checker board is there beneath our feet!
The businessman with his briefcase would suddenly start hopping!
The Granny would lift up her skirts and drop her bag of shopping!
An urge to be a child again would pop into each head
Just because Finsbury Avenue  outlined itself in red.