Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Water Lily


'adapt, glide, lie'


So when the Great Change comes,
And the world around us alters,
And the seas rise up and warm
And everything living falters,
Will we adapt like the water-lily
Floating on a pond,
Managing survival
To forever and beyond?
The water lily seeks for soil
Yet it has learned to float,
It lies upon the water
Like a fragile petalled boat.
Dragonflies glide above it;
The little fish swim below;
It does not live in a garden
Yet it has learned to grow.
Our altered situation
Need not mean that we are trapped;
Over evolution's aeons
Mankind may adapt.




Shadow is not shadow, if sunshine isn't sun.
One only recognises both because of the other one.
Shadow without sunshine is just a murky day.
And sunshine without shadow is the sun's unending ray.
A little bit of this and that completes a pleasant scene!
See how the shadow and the sun create different shades of green!
If our lives were just endless torment how ghastly it would be!
If our lives were just endless pleasure, oh, what monotony!
Sunshine and shade together create a rounded life.
I wish you lots of happiness....... balanced by a little strife!


Sheilagh Lee said...

beautiful I love both of these poems but the sentiment from the second is the best.

Margaret said...

How do you do it day in and day out? Such wisdom and beauty of words!

Altonian said...

I agree with Sheilagh, two great poems, but the second one says it for me.

Jess PJ said...

The water lily poem was very lovely.
The idea behind the second one is lovely.
My 3WW:

jennifaye said...

What an insightful, refreshing way to look at a water lily :)