Sunday, August 14, 2011




The words in blue were first spoken by Gandhi
'An eye for an eye will make the whole world go blind.'

Revenge has a fascination.It seems to even up the score.
'An eye for an eye' seems reasonable; forgiveness rather a bore.
So you've lost an eye, figuratively speaking, and that is a disaster,
And now you want to take 'his' eye to show him who is master.
He, in return, will seek revenge for your tit-for-tat-type action,
And, when he sees you're truly blind it will give him satisfaction!
You will hit out 'blindly' hoping, at last, to make things right.
And he, in turn, will end up losing his own precious sight.
'Turning the other cheek' is hard, but it's certain we will find
That if we exact retribution the whole world will go blind.




If you're strolling along by Throsby Creek
And your feet are getting tired
You'll think the position of this seat
Positively inspired!
You can sink back on a sofa
And view the pleasant scene.
The water blue, the shadows deep
And the trees and grass so green.
But when your 'seat' is on the seat
You may feel less content!
Fancy building a 'comfort zone'
Out of hard cement!



gautami tripathy said...

Good one. Lot to think about..

hinder the tremors

Isadora said...

Very interesting take on the challenge ... this is good. Enjoyed it ...!!!

Jess PJ said...

A well penned lesson.

That couch sure looks inviting, too bad it's concrete.

Anonymous said...

Nice work with powerful emotions!