Tuesday, August 16, 2011



(An Australian icon)

What a jewel of a creature!
What perfection in design!
Oh what symmetry and balance!
Oh what colour and what line!
As a brooch it would be perfect,
Set-off against the plainest white,
With it's legs splayed very neatly
And its red so very bright.
It's only very tiny
When found in its habitat;
And, at first, it's hard to realise
What you are looking at.
It's a very poisonous spider;
We don't like it in the least.
Sad to say, this Beauty
Is a really nasty Beast!


It appears so very casual, this little blue still-life,
This picture of a table and some flowers.
But I'm pretty sure old William got assistance from his wife
And no doubt she toiled for him for several hours.
'I'm running short of oranges! Can you pop down to the shop?
Bring those brighter ones; they've got the nicest colour!
You brought home little yellow ones! I'll place them at the top.
But don't get any more; they're so much duller.'
And later...'Bring that bluish cloth; I rather liked the shade;
You'll find it if you hunt for it enough !
I think it was the one that your Aunt Carolina made!
I like that sort of dark reflective stuff!'
And later still..... 'Oh double drat! These flowers look past their best!
I'll throw them out. Can you please pick some more!
You picked pink roses yesterday but I was not impressed;
Try white and yellow this time! Pink's a bore.'
But he wasn't finished yet! Oh no! 'I want to add some jars!
Please get them from the kitchen. Are they clean?
Maybe a blue decanter or a flagon or a vase;
I'll leave it to you; you must know what I mean.'
Oh no! Not more!......'That picture's wrong! A sea-scape would be fine.
We've got one in the bedroom, I recall.
Uncle Arthur painted it. It isn't one of mine.
Can you get it and then fix it on the wall?'
With all arranged I'm sure he said 'Some coffee would be nice.
And then I'll get to work like one inspired!
Always have a hobby, dear. Yes, that's my advice.
What a morning! I feel really tired!'

This photo is from last week when I 'did' poetry at Valentine. Kaye is presenting me with a bottle of wine after the performance, and something seems to have amused us. It's a very cheerful photo anyway.



Karen said...

Oh, that redback makes me shiver. While living in Oz,I almost got bitten one day while gathering the mail from inside the box!

Gemma Wiseman said...

The red back is quite a dangerous kind of beauty! Love your happy smiling shot!

Jan n Jer said...

Scary little spider...but very pretty! Love the poem...you are so talented!

carol l mckenna said...

Wonderful photos ~ over from Ruby Tuesday ~ thanks

namaste, Carol (Share the Creative Journey)

carol l mckenna said...

This may be a duplicate ~ Blogger acting strange ~

Wonderful Photography ~ over from Ruby Tuesday ~ thanks ~
namaste, Carol (Share the Creative Journey)

Liz said...

love your smiling faces.

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Maria @ LSS said...

All smiles! Looks like you had fun. :)

bj said...

Yep, I am as scared of one of these as a big ole bear. :)

LOVE the fun photo of you, receiving your wine. Sure you didn't have a few swigs of it before you had this cute photo made.? hahhhaaa...
xo bjdi

RNSANE said...

As always, when I see your name, I can't wait to read your poetry. Your photography is also stunning...and I've never seen a black widow so up close and personal...and this is the only way I want to see one. Excellent!

I like your still life as well and your tipsy photo!

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Annie Jeffries said...

Whoa. I have to admit, the image startled me at first but she really is quite a beauty on second look.

Receiving wine always puts a smile on my face. :-)

Madeleine Begun Kane said...

Wonderful poems and photo!