Monday, July 18, 2011


supplied the illustration


I'm sending this to Beatie Bray!
See ! I've made it out of clay!
Why have I made this mask two faced?
The likeness to Beatie can be traced.
She's as two-faced as a girl can be!
She said she was in love with me,
Then I heard from Percy Slim,
That she said she was in love with him!
I went to my studio in a huff.
Couldn't get there soon enough.
Slapped the clay around a bit
Till the features seemed to fit.
Eyes below and eyes above.
Hardly a symbol of true love!
One straight nose, one bulbous one!
I found that I was having fun!
I hope you like the big white dots;
Hinting at some acne spots.
An extra mouth right at the base,
To complete my lovely two-faced face.
Then I fired it and now it's sent
As a delightful ornament.
Beatie can hang it on her wall
As a warning to lovers one and all.
Beatie's already been replaced.
My new love is single-faced!



Downcast eyes, hands folded neatly,
Looking docile, rather sweetly;
Seemingly the peak of virtue!
I am longing to convert you!
You! The maid in my father's house.
You! The quiet little mouse!
You feign such modesty my girl,
Yet I can see a wayward curl!
There's something else that you imply....
You dare not look me in the eye!
I realise you must feign 'meek';
Only when spoken to, you speak.
But I am, of course, my father's son!
I know all housemaids can be won!
Servant girls are for the taking!
Goodness! Do I see you shaking?
Come to my room! It needs some cleaning!
Ah! I see you get my meaning!


Chronicles of Illusions said...

I really enjoyed your take on the prompt.

Sioux Roslawski said...

Rinkly---Isn't this your 2nd Magpie? Do you have two blogs? I thought I recognized your style in another Magpie...

What a wonderful idea of using the mask. It's always better to associate with those that are single-faced, as opposed to two-faced.

Kay L. Davies said...

Love your poem for Magpie, Brenda. So many people are two-faced, aren't they?
And the second one — the whole idea of men's "entitlement" makes my blood boil, even the sub-genre of romance novels known as bodice-rippers, which perpetuate the notion that women enjoy rape.
Oops, there I go, ranting again.
How did I get from "young woman on a mission" to "old woman on a rant"? LOL
Thanks for your humour, wit, and skill with a rhyme.

—Kay, Alberta, Canada

Helena said...

Beatie Bray and Percy Slim! What wonderful love-interest names!!

Maggie said...

Terrific magpie.

The second reminded me of Arnold. Don't mess with the meek.

Dave King said...

I very much like your take on this. You've opened up possibilities that work very well.

Helen said...

'Two Faced' and 'Victim' ... enjoyed them equally. You amaze me with the consistent quality of your writing.

Martin said...

Loved the two faced concept.

Lucy Westenra said...

I always admire your skill with rhymes. Lovely Magpie.

Trellissimo said...

Double trouble here, then...