Friday, July 29, 2011



Six words to a line, six lines to a verse.

(An Acrostic)

Some desserts are known as sweets.
We love those tasty sugar treats.
Eating them is so much fun
Every bite is a sinful one.
Toppings made of cream and icing
Seem to make them more enticing.



Our house is facing to the East; I wish that it faced West,
For there is not the slightest doubt that sunset shots are best.
I known this means that I'm well-placed to take shots in the morning
And it is true the sky can be spectacular at dawning.
But then my mind is not in gear; I languish in the shower;
I'm simply not hyped-up enough at that ungodly hour.
The upstairs windows at the back are all high-up and small,
And so it seems I hardly see the evening sky at all!
But..... on this one occasion I was coming down the stairs
When I chanced upon a setting sun that was giving itself airs!
I rushed to get my camera to catch the fading splendour,
Before, to the darkness of the night our bright sky would surrender.
So I present a photograph that's rather thin and slitty.
Our house is facing to the East. Now isn't that a pity!


Geoff Maritz said...

That hour just about sunrise is known as "Magic Hour" in the film industry. There is a certain quality of light that offers something missing for the rest of the day, Promise.
Man having a conversation with you must be difficult he he, all rimes.
The picture of the pudding looks like a dancer or dancers.
Nice post, Geoff.

Anonymous said...

Love the sweets poem. And I do love sweets! :-)


BTW, the thin & slitty photo is fantastic!