Thursday, July 21, 2011


                                         Trevor Tucker



Look at me! I'm at my best!
Brightly-petalled. pinkly dressed!
Look at me! Aren't I perfection?
View me from the best direction!
Do you see me, bowing, primping?
Don't you like my pretty crimping?
See how I attract the bees!
See how I curtsey in the breeze!
I am going to live for ever
Because I'm beautiful and I'm clever!
I am lovely! I'm divine!
Ladies and gentlemen, the world is mine!
Trevor sent this lovely shot.
Is the flower still living?
Bet it's not!



She was waiting in the wings to sing her song;
We were waiting in the wings to do our bit.
With Samoan music playing
She would do a lot of swaying,
While we were there to act a little skit.
Her smiling face lit up the curtained stage
And her movements, when she danced, were full of grace.
Though not too young, it's truthful,
All her movements were so youthful
That they matched the sweet expression on her face.
Ours was a meeting that was very brief;
Ships passing in the night, that sort of thing,
But it's funny how we treasure
Little moments of such pleasure.

Say 'Samoa' to me and I hear her sing.


Unknown said...

Just beautiful, Rinkly.

Happy PS weekend.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by and leaving me a note on my blog. I have been to your blog before, probably on a PS. BUT I didn't realize you're in the opposite climate from us. Send us some rain and cool weather ... I'll send you some warmth and a bit of dry spell (not much though, it'd ruin everything either way, wouldn't it?) Love your poems today. Of course, when I read them, they sound a bit Texan. I try to think how it would sound w/your accent. I was listening to someone from England read a Bible verse one day. Her words crisp and melodic. Then, our teacher spoke in her deep southern drawl. Both were beautiful but clashed at the moment. I've taken time to rhyme ... but have not in a very long time. Stay warm, we'll try to stay cool! Thanks, Jenn

The Artful Diva said...

The poem, flowers and your blog are lots of fun!