Sunday, July 24, 2011

Elephant Adventure

supplied the illustration

(A Poem for Little Children.)

Fanty the Elephant lived in the zoo,
But Fanty the Elephant would cry 'Boo Hoo!
There's a great big world outside the gate;
I want to see it! I just can't wait!'
One day the zoo gate was open wide
And Fanty the Elephant ran outside.
Nobody saw her going at all,
For Fanty the Elephant was only small.
Her great big Mother began to cry
'Fanty's run away and I don't know why!'
Before the Keepers could sound the alarm
She'd hidden herself on a nearby farm!
All day she wandered, feeling free,
And sometimes sleeping beneath a tree.
Then the sun went down and Fanty found
She missed having other animals around.
She felt so lonely, all alone,
She lay on the ground and gave a moan;
'I wish, I wish I'd stayed in the zoo!
That's what baby elephants ought to do!'
The stars were bright in the big black sky
When a little white dog came wandering by.
'Are you lost, baby elephant?' the little dog said
And Fanty sadly nodded her head.
'I'll lead you home. The zoo's next-door.
I'll hold your trunk in my little paw!'
Soon Fanty was home with her family.
So you see how useful a dog can be!


Inside the head of a Gingerbread Man
There's not much room for a brain!
The heights of academia
He'll never quite attain!
And here is an example
Of exactly what I mean!
I found I was smiling to myself
At this silly little scene!


Anonymous said...

Lovely piece I enjoyed this very much :)

Marbles in My Pocket said...

A wonderful poem. Excellent story and the rhyme and flow are great. Very nicely done

Anonymous said...

A very elegantly crafted entertaining piece!

Anonymous said...

Very charming poem and lovely rhymes =)

Anonymous said...

cute, well plotted,

fun to read it too.

Anonymous said...

Well done! I enjoyed both the story and the way it was told.

MISH said...

Fun and light-hearted ... I thoroughly enjoyed it !

e.a.s. demers said...

Such a sweet poem :-)

PremI said...

Simple word flow...
Sweet rendition...