Friday, July 1, 2011

One and One



If I'd invented numbers,
(I wasn't around at the time),
It would all have been very basic;
No composite, no prime.
I'd have started out with one plus one,
'A very good place to start'
And 'one' would have been an upright stick,
The simplest form of art.
But 'two' would have been an upright cross,
Two ones, in a way, combined,
Not a curly-wurly 'birdie' thing,
Like the one now in my mind.
Below see the Rinkly form of 2,
Two 'ones' neatly expressed.
If I'd invented numbers,
My 'two' would have been the best.

A Rinkly Number Two


What's to write about? Not a lot
And yet I feel quite proud
To have taken this cloudy picture!
A cloud is a cloud is a cloud!

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jabblog said...

I prefer your number symbols;-)