Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Something To Look Forward To?

'heat. nasty, cease'


Mid-winter here, in the land of Oz;
A gale is blowing outside because
Zooming up here from the far South Pole,
Playing a very wintry role,
A 'cold front' is attacking forcefully,
And a warm bed is attracting me.
I shall switch the electric blanket on,
And snuggle till the chills have gone.
Meanwhile, the Snowy Mountain skiers
Are surely shouting a loud Three Cheers!
The snow season here can't be relied on,
But now there's snow for sleds to ride on!
I long for the balmy days ahead,
But then it will be too hot instead!
And then I know I shall repeat
'Cease, oh, cease thou nasty heat!'
I have to say..... it can't be denied......
That I am not easily satisfied!!!!



Almost like a flag it seems,
With stripes of blue on blue,
With the little pattern of the ships
That are always passing through.
It's such a very static scene,
Without the slightest motion,
Yet all is movement down below
In the engines and the ocean.
And all is movement up above
In this oh so steady sky.
For, beyond our gaze a million planets
Wink as they pass by.


jabblog said...

A few degrees too hot or too cold and I'm not happy, either.
Your second photo does look like a flag - how neat and precise.

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Excellent use of the prompt (cease, nasty, heat)! Your poetic ramblings never cease to delight and entertain me. Thank you!

Sheilagh Lee said...

Sheilagh Lee said: both of this wonderful contributions and so true.We had bad winter and complained and now we have summer and complain about the heat.

Kwee Cats and Art said...

Very engaging and a fun read. I complain when its hot and fail to enjoy it when its cold!

Old Egg said...

I seem to be able cope with the heat better than the cold. However better than that is your consistently entertaining poetry which is a joy to read.

Anonymous said...

Both of these are wonderful. I'd be happy if its stayed between 50 and 60 that's perfect to me

Unknown said...

I smiled at your telling of weather woes. 110 F is forecasted here today, but perhaps a thunderstorm will wash away the worst of it late in the afternoon.

Anonymous said...

Love your living flag poem--great imagery and a fun flow. :)