Sunday, July 17, 2011



asks us to consider 'captivating.'


Why are large eyes captivating
When it comes to human mating?
There's no possible doubt at all
That the girl above could hold in thrall
The majority of healthy males
For it's an equation that never fails.
'Big blue eyes equal sexuality';
That is a very clear reality.
Why should this be? That was my query;
And I heard this fascinating theory......
When a baby's born and we're in charge
It's  eyes are enormously round and large;
Out of proportion it's been said,
To it's almost normal head.
We gaze at those eyes and, more or less,
We feel a rush of tenderness.
We long to cradle and to care for
The baby, and that's what we're there for.
Fathers feel this as well as mothers,
Aunts and cousins, all the others.
And this sudden rush of love
(For that is what we're speaking of)
Is carried over to adult life.
So, when a man looks for a wife,
Or something lower down the scale,
Enormous eyes just cannot fail
To trigger an impulse to adore,
Care for, worship and much more.
That's why big eyes are captivating
When it comes to human mating.



They said 'Try going blonde'
When I was feeling down.
'Blondes' they said have much more fun
Than girls whose hair is brown'.
So I grabbed at the peroxide
And gave my hair a dose.
It wasn't the colour of ripened corn
But it was pretty close!
And lo and behold! I met him!
The one love of my life!
He, too, had hit the bottle
And now I am his wife!
We have a brown-haired daughter
And a little brown-haired son,
But when it's just the two of us
Boy! Do we have fun!


Helen said...

Great pieces!

I still remember the girl with the largest blue eyes I've ever seen - Judy McDonnell - and that was in high school way back in 1956! She had the eyelashes to go with them.

J Cosmo Newbery said...

Wicked. Wickedly so.

Old Egg said...

Not so sure about the big eyes, when that large they seem full of guile! However the blonde bombshells were a hoot.

Madeleine Begun Kane said...

Congratulations on your Honorable Mention in last week's Limerick-Off And thanks for your wonderful entry.

The Poet said...

I'm having an early morning chuckle
You are sinful!

I prefer honey brown to almost black eyes...they are more exotic & mysterious. ;-)

Your second poem is too funny!

Altonian said...

I've always thought that 'big blue eyes' look like part of the rest of the make-up - give me green anytime. Jolly good poems though!

Tracey said...

Loved 'em both, esp. 'bombshells.' Very cute :-)

Aeria said...

Interesting theory and wonderfully fun poetry!

Kate said...

Too funny- in my response to the prompt the love interest has large, wide eyes.
Your writing is always entertaining!