Saturday, July 2, 2011

Mood Measure

                                                Paul Signac


Measure your mood, for good measure;
Take heed of your reply.
But first gaze at this lovely scene
This glorious pink-flushed sky.
See how it tints the water
With the glow from overhead;
See all the shades of colour
From salmon to almost-red.
Then ask yourself a question,
Silently, inside your head.
'Is it dawning or is it sunset?
Is the sun about to rise?
Or is it sinking in the west?
Are these morning or evening skies?
I believe, if you say 'Morning'
You're the optimistic sort;
Never allowing depression
To enter your slightest thought.
I believe, if you say 'Evening',
You err on the gloomy side,
Your mind has that sinking feeling;
A fact you cannot hide.
Of course, I'm just writing a poem;
I'm not your proverbial 'shrink',
But I think I've hit on something!
What do the rest of you think?



In the park across the way
There is ample room to play.
But not an awful lot of breeze
Ruffling the nearby trees.
Harry's trying hard to fly
His brand new kite way, way up high.
But it's something he can't master!
Twirl and flop!
Complete disaster!


The Artful Diva said...

The painting is quite beautiful. The technique is very interesting. Happy 4th of July and PS!

LV said...

I would not want a painting of some of my moods.