Saturday, July 23, 2011


                                                                                                Georges Valmier



I'm really quite ashamed to say
I'd never heard of Valmier.
Don't write and tell me he's well-known
Or that he's a Picasso clone.
'I know what I like'..... it's been said before
And no doubt it will be said much more.
Critics who specialise in art
Are very clever, very smart,
But they don't see things through my eyes.
Maybe they are much too wise!
I know this painting gives me pleasure,
So, famous or not, to me it's treasure.
Picasso always seems remote;
He strikes an unrealistic note,
While Valmier makes his cubism speak;
The characters are quite unique.
This lady, for instance, just by chance,
Looks up from her book with a startled glance.
There's something humorous in her pose,
Something funny which time froze.

This mother and child at lesson time,
Painted by Valmier in his prime,
Go beyond a mere abstraction
Once again, caught in the action.
Picasso had no sense of humour,
(Don't pass that on! It's just my rumour!)
I much prefer George Valmier!
That's all. I've nothing more to say!



A perfect spherical vase, blue, blue-green, green.
The crack, the fault, the accident, the flaw.
Each red circle an earthquake!


Unknown said...

I appreciated the art and enjoyed your perspective on art appreciation. Fun read.

Jama said...

A very creative writing!

Maria's Space said...

Very cool! Interesting to just stare at it and see all the different detail. I could look at these pictures for hours.
Thanks for linking.