Thursday, July 21, 2011

Welcome Addition


The flowers arranged so lovingly
For everyone in the church to see.
The yellows, russets, greens and reds,
Catching eyes and turning heads.
But when a light was added to
This already perfect view,
The shadow also was created,.
Then, bless my soul, another light,
Doubled-up on the delight.
Shadow on shadow and flower on flower,
All to improve the shining hour.



I've never understood, have you,
Why feeling sad is feeling 'blue'?
Here I am by a blue blue sea,
With shadows blue as they can be,
Under the bluest of blue skies!
It would be a great surprise
If I were feeling sad and wan
With all that blueness going on!
'My Blue Heaven' my favourite hue,
And I certainly DON'T feel 'blue'!

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