Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Swell Swell

Illustrations from our local paper.


We live within the sound of the sea
And, last week, we were aware of it!
A gale force wind hit the ocean
And Merewether copped its share of it.
Here we see the wild surf
Made golden by the sun,
With a brave young surfer deciding
To enjoy some winter fun.

'The best surfing weather in years'
So the locals declared.
And many of them leapt in the water,
And this is how they fared.
This shot looks terrifying!
Rather him than me.
I like a calm horizon
And a gently lisping sea!

This is a glorious picture,
As the wild waves roar and rage,
But, as far as I'm concerned,
It can stay on the printed page!
As soon as I fetched my camera
And walked down to the sea,
Everything stopped being spectacular!
I wonder if it was me!

My own unremarkable shot!



I try to imagine Sky Diving,
But my mind wont cooperate!
I can picture the second before!
The perch!
On cliff
On roof
On mountain top.
I can experience
The shivering, grasping toes,
Not prepared
To leave terra firma!
I can visualise the view!
The spiralling emptiness!
The trees,
City streets
Laid out a million miles down!
I can imagine the
Hypnotic effect
Of Space.
The desire to be drawn down
Just because down is down!
I can live the terror!
I'm mad!'
'What if this is the end?'
'I don't have to!'
'Someone stop me!'
I can even picture The Jump!
The sailing impossibility!
But the fall?
That I cannot imagine!
Are there thoughts?
Are there awarenesses?
Do I shout?
Am I disorientated?
Do I know up from down?
Does the ground grow closer?
Am I sane?
I cannot imagine
And I shall certainly
Never know !

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