Saturday, July 9, 2011

In the Spotlight



Little lady in the spotlight,
With the tiny, tiny waist,
Singing like a skylark
And in corsetry encased.
Little lady in the spotlight
With the pretty bustle-bow,
Enchanted by the shadows
And the spotlight's gentle glow.
Little lady in the spotlight
In a far, far earlier age,
Don't you know you disgrace yourself
Performing on the stage?
'Become an actress!' Father scowled,
'I'd rather you were dead!
You'll be no better than you should be!
I'll never get you wed!'
Little lady in the spotlight
Carolling your song,
You just don't care what others say;
For here's where you belong.


(Reprinted from last year. And it all came right in the end!)

My camera has done the dirty!
No wonder I am feeling shirty!
Not only has downloading ceased
Annoying, just to say the least,
But all my photos since last May
Have disappeared! Just gone away!
What did I press? What did I do?
It's like a nightmare coming true!
The little boys, the holidays,
The country walks, the coastal bays,
The visitors and celebrations,
The friends and their participations!
Maybe I'll find them yet, elsewhere,
I'm hoping, yet I hardly dare!
Not a single poem from me this week
For I am playing hide-and-seek!


LV said...

You are amazing at writing poetry.

Unknown said...

Such witty rhyme during this time
Your Pink Saturday wordplay is so sublime.
Okay that's all for me..I got nothin else. Have a Happy Pink Saturday!

Stafford Ray said...

"No wonder I am feeling shirty!"
Well, if anyone doubted it, this proves you are a dinki-di! haha!