Monday, July 18, 2011

Blue Simplicity


The organiser of this blog site is seriously ill at the moment and her granddaughters are keeping the blog going for her. We all wish Sally a speedy recovery.


I took my easel and a rag
And all my paints in a special bag.
I dragged the load to the top of the hill
And there I painted with a will.
All day I laboured, in the heat,
Until my masterpice was complete.
Every colour under the sun
Was there in my painting when it was done.
The paints were muddy, I was tired,
Yet I knew I'd produced what was required
For me to win the competition.
For I had been on a mighty mission.
Hours of work, and paints galore;
It was all verging on a chore!
And then that ghastly Alice Bates,
Positively understates!
She took scissors and some foil....
Not  sign of brush or oil!
She snipped and cut and placed and pasted.
And all my efforts were, sadly, wasted!
She won the prize and the judges stated
That her's was the gem for which they'd waited!
I threw my palette in  the bin
I was so sure that I would win!
I said to the judges 'I am leaving!
I'm going to take-up basket-weaving!'


(An Acrostic)

Sympathy takes many forms.
Yours may be the touch that warms.
Maybe you'll mend a heart that's broken,
Perhaps with words that remain unspoken.
A simple touch on someone's hand,
To show you really understand,
Has the power of empathy.
You may set a sad heart free.



And so they're going, one by one,
Their little lives at last are done.
They who gave us so much pleasure,
Whose memories we'll always treasure....
Googie, with the twinkling eyes,
The mouth which seemed to dramatise
All the many lines she spoke....
Always curving to a joke.
Not world-famous, that's the truth,
But a sparkling gem from my distant youth.

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Anonymous said...

stunning blues.

We are open now,

Come on in,

share 1 to 3 of your lovely poems with JP week 44 potluck today,


love your creativity.