Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Not Yet

asks us to try something new!


One day I'll try sushi, but not yet!
The very thought fills me with mal de mere.
I look at it in shops and start to sweat
At the thought of all the 'foreign-ess' in there.
Raw fish! I can't imagine how it tastes!
And someone mentioned seaweed once or twice!
All sorts of strange and oriental pastes
Made to appear as normal by the rice.
My grandsons salivate at just the thought
Of 'Sushi for supper' and they shout 'Yippee!'
But I will, here and now, loudly report
That sushi is, for certain, not for me!


(A Cinquain)

Prettily pronged.
Piercing, probing, picking.
Decorative and yet utilitarian.


Anonymous said...

You must try it - even if you don't like it ...

Brian Miller said...

oh but you are missing out on the is delicious...

J Cosmo Newbery said...

I can face many foods, susi included, but Brussells there is a challenge.

Lois Evensen said...

Be brave! Sushi is sooo good!

Pat Hatt said...

Sushi doesn't look tasty, don't think you are missing out.

Other Mary said...

Hahaha - I'm sooo with you on the sushi! Here in Wisconsin we have another name for sushi: BAIT!

Kerry O'Connor said...

With so many culinary delights to choose from, I'm with you on giving the sushi a miss..I can live without it.

Kavita said...

hahahah... I shared your sushi-sentiments till a few days back, Brenda.. but it changed after I had my first vegetarian sushi... yes, I said it.. VEGETARIAN! And it was really not bad at all! Besides, I didn't have to worry about what raw fish tasted like either.. hehehe

Never mind all that.. I totally enjoyed your fishy-sushi poem alright!! :))

Laura Lynn said...

Get past the though of raw fish! I was the same way and my brother never gave up on me trying it. I finally got the courage. I put the thought of eating raw fish out of my mind and just looked at is an interesting rice dish. :) It is so good! Be sure to go to a sushi bar though. Bad sushi is just bad. I have bad sushi.....yuck! Don't get it at the grocery store. :)
Great poem!

Anonymous said...

Cute poem about sushi and forks. i enjoyed reading every word.