Thursday, July 7, 2011

Life's Roundabout

gives us the illustration


'Jump on the roundabout!' says Life at the moment of our birth!
'Here is your little gee-gee! Spin around the earth!'
So on we leap with a light heart, quite certain the ride will be
Smooth, yet very exciting, and full of variety.
But quite soon we discover that our gee-gee's a wayward horse;
Round and round we go indeed, but not on a smooth-running course.
Sometime the horse is an old nag, and she slows to a sluggish pace,
When there are boring things to do and heavy tasks to face.
Sometimes our horse is skittish, liking to jump and buck,
That's when life gets too frenzied and we're likely to run amok.
There are times when the gee-gee's placid, and she gives us a gentle ride
So that we're able to view, at ease, life's passing countryside.
The roundabout horses in fair-grounds are static, unchanging toys;
They know nothing of our erratic lives, our sorrows and our joys.
But, like it or not, we are destined to ride until our turn is done,
Let's hope, at the end, we smile and say 'That ride was lots of fun!'



In my heart I already know that this is not great art.
I realise the 'chocolate box' has played a vital part.
Yet something about the pose, the movement and the light
Re-ignites old memories of teenager delight.
I recall being this young, this hopeful and this new.
I recall clouds white as this, and skies such a brilliant blue.
I recall the sun on my face, not burning but caressing;
I recall the whole world poised to bless me with its blessing.
I recall a time long gone when perfection was my goal;
When the world was an enormous stage and I had a special role.
So, if the artist painted a dream that resonates with me
He has fashioned magic, 'pretty' though it may be.



Anonymous said...

Dear blogfriend. Just few days ago I "re"found you at/in my long, long all to long favorite list of bloggers - I should set all in maps before copying!! My computer had to come to a doctor - and when I visited your blog by tjekking, oh then I remember how great it was/is :-D

Got your adress in right map, smiled, now to visit often... and then TODAY a comment from you came, oh me oh my, I'm a lucky guy *LOL*

All your first words are special, and I'll ask you, if it's OK that I copy the text and send it to my older brother in USA, Texas, the State where he lives now on the 40'th years :-D

Laurie Kolp said...

I especially love the first one!

kaykuala said...

You depicted very well life's ever 'changing mood' and we are the pawn in the game changing and adjusting as well.
Yes, in the second one it captured most typically one episode in the journey. Very enlightening!

Anonymous said...

The first is also my favorite - and a fun one! Thank you for sharing!

Brian Miller said...

ha at the end of time i hope to be able to what a ride...

Steve Isaak said...

Good, life-wise writing. =)