Sunday, July 10, 2011

Don't Bother!

supplied the illustration
for a succint story


When I lost those pretty earrings I got from Auntie Bea,
I felt sure I had lost them swimming in the sea.
Bertie dived in to find them! He really is a dear!
Now he's out on the horizon and I've found the earrings here!
I wave my arms in desperation! Let's hope he understands!
'Don't bother to go any further! The earrings are in my hands!'



High in the Snowy Mountains Lake Jindabyne is found
And if you listen carefully you'll hear a mournful sound.
It's the sound of a village crying, I'll be bound.
High in the Snowy Mountains Lake Jindabyne appears
Covering habitations of the former lively years
And if you taste the water, you'll taste tears.
Sailing across Lake Jindabyne and gazing in the deep,
You seem to see the village in its everlasting sleep.
Don't fantasise too much or you may weep.
A brand-new lake is picturesque and pleasant in design,
And on a sunny evening all the rippling waters shine
But it's a shroud for a town called Jindabyne.

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Madeleine Begun Kane said...

I really enjoyed them both!