Monday, July 18, 2011

Local Forecast

Sydney: illuminated Opera House

asks us about our local forecast.


Our weather forecast tells us 'squalls';
It's the time of year when cold rain falls.
And if the sky should sometimes clear,
It still declares that winter's here,
Because the wind blows cold and shrill
To tell us that it's winter still.
Here, in Sydney a crowd has formed,
Sheltering under umbrellas  (warmed),
To see the Light Show that entrances,
Attracting many admiring glances;
One of the 'cheer-up' shows designed
To make the season seem less unkind.
In Parliament it will be squally too;
Our Politicians take the view
That all we want to hear are rows,
Every insult the law allows!
We're heartily sick of their back-stabbing,
Disagreeing, attention-grabbing.
Winter will end, we'll have warmth, not chill,
But bitter political-speak never will!



Some may consider this 'oh so cute!'
But I simply don't agree.
This isn't a pretty picture!
It's an act of cruelty!
A wolf is a noble creature
Living grandly in the wild,
But descendents of his species
Are regularly defiled.
The very shape of this poodle
Is proof of manipulation.
And the multi-coloured bits-and-bobs
Are just a humiliation.
Did anyone ask this dear little dog
If the dye got in his eyes?
Did anyone take any notice
Of his heartfelt whimpering cries?
And when he's paraded for pleasure
(Our pleasure and not his)
Will he have the slightest idea
Of what a Dog Show is?
The colours are vibrant and pretty;
Oh yes, I'll grant you that.
But all pets should be honoured;
Yes, every dog and cat.
I'm not an animal lover;
I haven't even got a pet.
But the sight of this poor little poodle
Is something I wont forget.

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Thanks for coming back and leaving the link. I enjoyed the read on this. :)