Sunday, July 3, 2011


gives us the first line


A fellow who always felt free
Decided to live in a tree.
He flung off his clothes
And he finally froze
When the temperature reached Minus 3.



It's a good thing we're all different, and never just the same!
I simply cannot bear the thought of joining in this game!
Tomato fights, being chased by bulls, such frolics Continental,
Leave me wondering 'Are they sane? Or are they all quite mental?
The thought of someone hurling dark blue flour up in the air
Makes me feel claustrophobic! I don't want to share!
But then, I'm not attracted to swimming in icy seas
Or crawling up sacred mountains, all the way, on my knees!
Paint Fights! There's another thing that strikes me as insane!
Being drippingly multi-coloured ...... it goes against the grain!
Let others flex their muscles in such desperate goings-on!
I like sitting blogging. Maybe I'm the crazy one!


jabblog said...

'Naturist' made me smile but naturism doesn't appeal at all:-)
As for 'Flour Fight!' I can't see the attraction either.

Lois Evensen said...

Your first item reminds me of an advertisement I once saw for a bakery: "Nice buns! Grab some today!"

chiccoreal said...

Dear Brenda: Great poems to ponder! What is that man doing inside the treetrunk? Why is he au natural? Frozen in time? There would be only two things that he could possibly be doing in that tree. Can you imagine what they are? Flour fight! Try it; you'll like it! Sort of similar to whip creme pies in the face. If it is tasty; I'd "like"! :)

Anonymous said...

Hahaha! He's quite the fellow! :)