Friday, July 1, 2011


A  life without fear would mean death.
We wouldn't have got this far
Without fearing perilous heights
Or that on-coming motor car.
A young child without any fear
Would grasp at a flame or a knife;
It would hurt itself over and over
And never enjoy a long life.
But a life without spurious fear.....
The sort where no danger's involved,
Would be pleasantly carefree and joyous
With problems quite easily solved.
And a world free of fear of each other,
Free of each international scare,
Would be Heaven on Earth, I'm quite certain.
Let us hope for a world we can share!


(An Acrostic)

Refreshed we greet the morning sun.
If day has come, the night is done.
Sleepily we rub our eyes.
Each day is a new surprise.
All the birds are singing madly.
'Night has gone!' they whistle gladly.
Daisies sparkle in the grass.
Sailing by, the white clouds pass.
Happiness is everywhere,
In the sky, the earth, the air!
Now's the time to dance in clover!
Except for me!
I'll just roll over!

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jabblog said...

'Rise and shine' - it made me smile and was a nice counter to 'Fear', though I liked your thoughts on spurious fear.
(It's Alicia who hosts this meme at - not me, sorry to confuse you)