Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Good Time was had by All!

provided the illustration

(Not written from experience!)

After a night of partying we all woke up at noon,
And somebody said 'Let's have breakfast at mid-day!'
So we crowded into the kitchen, most of us worse for wear,
And cobbled together a breakfast, on a tray.
'Let's take it out to the swimming pool' yelled Martin, on a high,
(Martin is known for being a silly fool!)
So we stripped off to the nuddy and bacon and eggs in hand
We all of us dived into the swimming pool.
We slept throughout the afternoon, all littered on the grass,
And we were sober when it came time for our tea.
We opened bleary eyes to face a really awful mess,
Bacon and eggs as far eye could see!
There were egg-shells, there were fried eggs, there were scraps of buttered toast!
And so we started singing a refrain......
'Life has got on top of us! It's more than we can bear!
Let's go inside and all get drunk again!'



The flood comes up from the river.
The flood of clear light.
The flood that will engulf us in sunshine


Malcolm spent a happy day with his Car Club yesterday. He tells me all the other cars are superior to his but he still looks very proud by his pride and joy!



Dazee Dreamer said...

great job. with a lot of truth. said...

You had a wild time with this prompt. I really enjoyed it.
Morning Glory's wonderful too.

Lynn said...

The party always seems like a good idea at the time:@)

jfb57 said...

You made my head ache picturing that drunken scene & imagining how they felt!

jeff campbell said...

This has a certain salty sailor song feel to it...I really like it...Peace and blessings

cj Schlottman said...

You gave me a hangover! Great Centus.


Nonna said...

Excellent job !

Getting totally trashed one day, making an awful bacon/egg/toast mess and then getting trashed again to avoid cleaning it all up...reality bites!

Nonna said...

BTW, the man and his pride and joy car...I love it !!!

jabblog said...

Nightmare - and not the best solution, either;-)
Morning Glory was just what was needed after that.
Malcolm's car is a Triumph? Circa 1962?

bj said... this!!
xo bj

Susan Anderson said...

Talk about a hangover!


Jo said...

oh i enjoyed this so much ... and i really wanted to be there ... sounds like way too much fun!!!

Unknown said...

Dear Brenda,
Two great poems, one wild and one serene!

I do not believe that the first poem is in any way autobiographical! It is merely one more proof of your creative imagination and superior craft.

But what fun. Glad it's only fiction. I would not like to have to clean up that mess. I have enough clean-up work to do of my own. I just moved, and the clean-up of the old place remains, which is why I am late with my round of commenting.

Thank you so much for your kind words about my SC-post. Your opinion means a lot to me.

Kind regards,
For the benefit of other readers:
'John Tell, expert on tourism' Anna's SC wk 65

P.S. Love the photo of Malcolm and his car!

Jenny said...

What a clever and funny use of the picture prompt!

This was GREAT!

And I think that is the sweetest little car ever! I would totally give him a blue ribbon!