Thursday, July 7, 2011


asks us to write in someone else's voice


The Vienna Acadamy of Fine Arts!
What do they know of art?
I've been praised from my earliest days!
 Right from the very start!
Everyone said I was clever,
With an architectural flair!
And now this dreadful rejection
Has filled me with despair!
All right! I never studied;
I never worked very much.
But I felt I had a calling
For landscape art and such.
I saw my future as an artist!
I yearned for wealth and fame,
And now I've been rejected!
I feel anger! I feel shame!
They say my talent is modest;
That I can't paint the human form!
And now I feel my anger
Building to a storm!
The Vienna Academy of Fine Arts!
I will even the score!
I'll take my seething anger
And start the next World War!
                            Adolf Hitler



Carved from a pencil!
Apple peelings made from wood.
A monument in miniature!


jabblog said...

So we can blame the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts for all the miseries of WWII, can we? ;-)
The pencil carving is amazing! How clever some people are.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed both of these poems, but the first one in particular.

nan said...

Difficult task trying to understand the incomprehensible. Interesting exploration.

vivinfrance said...

Bravo. A successful kind of ventriloquism which explains but can never excuse. It must have been very hard to do.

gautami tripathy said...

Loved both. Interesting thoughts in the first.

un-click it

Anonymous said...

Chilling, entering into that mind. :) I think both poems work very well - thank you for sharing them with us!

Mr. Walker said...

I enjoyed both poems. I liked the irony of "architectural flair" for someone who caused so much destruction. Is that painting really by him? I wouldn't buy it, but it doesn't look half bad to my untrained eyes.


Mike Patrick said...

I suppose Adolph and I have some fundamental differences. I've managed to become used to rejections slips without wanting to blow anything up.