Thursday, July 14, 2011


                                 Merewether Beach NSW

A rock is pounded by the sea, over and over again.
But a rock is a rock is a rock....... it knows no pain.
But the human 'rocks' are the carers, those who give up their lives
To nurse disabled children. How frequently one arrives!
One sees them at the market, with a precious burden in tow,
The child who is now an adult, for little children grow.
And the years go on and on and on, and the tide goes in and out,
Each tide bringing aching sleepless hours and loneliness and doubt.
And the rock stands firm as the surges wash over it and recede,
And the human 'rocks' are equally firm, tending to every need.
A rock is pounded by the sea, over and over again.
But a rock is a rock is a rock....... it knows no pain.




Nine-eleven! The world was shattered!
Everything, it seemed, that mattered
Had been destroyed in just one day.
 The world we knew had been swept away.
The news was full of death and woe!
It seemed the only way to go
Was into the abyss that stood
Dividing us from all things good.
But I was looking at this bright view
On that fatal day, and I just knew
That peacefulness and joy existed
And would return when death desisted.
The gentle countryside remained
And wickedness would be contained.
The radio might bark and blare,
And television strip things bare,
But this was reality, not that,
Truth was what I was looking at.

A busy day yesterday. We performed our old melodrama 'Unhand Me' at a local drop-in centre called the Silver Circle. Not a very large audience, but an ideal venue and delicious refreshments, including my favourite, prawn cutlets!

Here we are performing.

And here we are after enjoying our tasty and unexpected feast!

And here's a picture of my much-missed  relation-by-marriage, Barbara, on the London Eye. Thanks for sending it, Mike! I think it's good enough to go into cyberspace!

Not to mention her grandson, George, fourth from the left, back row, who was in the winning team in the Kent (UK) Primary School Cricket contest. Congratulations!



Lolamouse said...

Your poem for Watery Wed. really hit home today. Just last evening we had dinner with a couple who have a 15 year old son who has an autistic type disorder. They had to attend to him throughout the meal. Made me think about how they (esp. the Mom) will be doing this for years to come. Bless our "rocks."

Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...

They feed you after your performance? Tell me where, so I join up too.

Christina, Sweden said...

I can imagine the sound of the waves

2sweetnsaxy said...

Such nice poetry to go with the nice photos. :-)