Monday, July 25, 2011

Rich and Famous

asks us to comment on being rich and famous.


For most of my life, I must admit,
I daily yearned for Fame.
I longed to be that wonderful thing
A universal household-name.
I felt the little life I led
Just didn't amount to much,
And I admired the Rich and Famous
Very, very much.
Being a teacher seemed so drab;
A cog in the machine;
Teaching others to be famous,
If you know what I mean.
The wealth part didn't attract me;
Diamonds aren't my line;
If I wear a plastic necklace
I feel absolutely fine.
But Fame was quite another thing;
I fantasised at times
Of how I'd make a living
Performing my little rhymes!!!
Pam Ayres was my idol;
I was jealous, I admit,
Of her books, her laughing admirers,
Her comedy and her wit.
But daily life took-over;
It all remained a dream;
I stayed in my 'cog' position,
Not part of the wider scheme.
But, now that I am eighty,
And just an old-lady wife,
I realise that, maybe,
I've had a fortunate life.
Since I never had a Rise
I've never had a Fall;
I'm accustomed to being a Shorty
Because I was never Tall.
But 'How are the Mighty Fallen!'.....
We see that every day;
I'd rather end my life as me
Than in the Rupert Murdoch way!
P.S. I'm sure Pam Ayres still has her feet on the ground and is ageing gracefully!



Have you got the winning ticket? Me? I never seem to win!
Everybody at the ready? Hold your breath now! Let's begin!
Yellow ticket, number thirty! Blast! That's gone to Daisy May!
See her smirking! Hear her saying 'Yes, this is my lucky day!'
Purple ticket, fifty seven! That's not fair! I'm fifty eight!
That ghastly woman in the track-suit grins and starts to celebrate!
Surely this one will be my one! Orange ticket, twenty-two!
I've got twenty-two I tell you! Oh! I see! My ticket's blue!
Lucky last! That's sure to be me! I just know I'll get the prize!
I deserve it, that's quite certain, 'cos I've had so many tries!
Yellow ticket, number thirty! Yes! That's me! I give a shout!
'Over here!' Wow! I'm a winner! There just isn't any doubt!
Now!....... Where did I put that ticket? I had it here, I did, for sure!
Am I sitting on my ticket? Have I dropped it on the floor?
I know I had it! Yes, I saw it! It was mine! I wouldn't lie!
I've got it somewhere! Wait a minute! Everything has gone awry!
You can't wait? Don't be so nasty! Give me just a minute more!
It must be underneath the table! Yes! I know what rules are for!
Go ahead! Make me invalid! Make me look a perfect fool!
No good telling me you're sorry! Don't keep on about the rule!
Let me say, sincerely darling, I'm quite happy, yes, I am!
As Clark Gable used to say
I just don't give a damn!


Anonymous said...

Beautifully written. Gives good food for thought.

Maude Lynn said...

Rich and Famous is absolutely marvelous!