Friday, July 22, 2011

Hello Happiness!


suggests 'Happiness'

Hello Happiness! And Goodbye!
Try to catch it and it will fly.
Try to pin it down and find
It has left you far behind
Fluttering above those distant trees,
Leaving memories that merely tease.
'Are you Happiness?' we say;
It hears the words and floats away.
A bird flies near and sweetly sings
Then disappears in a flash of wings.
Joy may clutch you by the heart,
But, straight away, it will depart.
Never question; never plead;
Enjoy, then smile and say 'God Speed!'



Purple's not a colour I'd ever think to wear!
For I am rather mousy, my skin, my eyes, my hair.
Purple's meant for rich brunettes with lustrous eyes that glow,
Or brilliant blondes who sparkle and make a dazzling show.
But the outfits that we wear for Choir are meant to be assorted
And I saw this jumper at the store and went right in and bought it.
'Too many blues' our leader said, 'Too many pinks and yellows'
And purple seemed to fit the bill, contrasting with my fellows.
When I say 'store' I exaggerate! I bought it second-hand!
(Those of you who budget will certainly understand!)
So here we're dancing 'The Lambeth Walk', and giving a little twirl.
Barbara is my partner; one's boy and one is girl!
And I rather like the colour! I've become a 'purple' fan!
I wasted an awful lot of years instituting my own ban!
Brunettes may look luscious, and blondes may well astound,
But little old ladies can benefit from purple, I have found!


Anonymous said...

Love your happiness poem. Had a good laugh.

Maude Lynn said...

Hello Happiness is so true!

Anonymous said...

Yes it is so very true! Just when u think you have hold of runs away! I adore this! My fave so far! Thanks so much for sharing it for Free Write Friday! Please come back next week! Hugs!