Sunday, July 31, 2011

Poor Workmanship




I feel the design of the human body
Is nothing more nor less than shoddy!
This must be what everyone feels,
Or else why did they invent high heels?
It's obvious sex-appeal is stronger
When the female leg is longer.
One feels a leg should be one and a half
Times what it now is from thigh to calf.
The little fat chappy I have shown
Is certainly not all on his own.
Now, when Nature considered mating,
And set about perfect-shape-creating,
Why did it miss this vital statistic?
Surely it was optimistic
To think that we'd all feel impassioned
By a leg severely rationed!
And then there's the psychology!
I am only five foot three
And yet I feel all tall and slinky
Till I view my legs, which are rather dinky!
I view this as a mean distortion.
Oh to be more in proportion!
We are taken-down several pegs
Whenever we view our stumpy legs!
Let us all, with one accord,
Order Nature back to the drawing-board!



The hills dance away to the left.
The road ahead beckons; my companion is outlined.
The view has collaged itself!

Last Friday was a very busy day. I had a poetry session at a local club in the morning. There was a large crowd and everything went well. Loretta gave me a lift there as I'm hopeless finding new venues. I took my camera, but I only took one shot out of the clubroom window  and then I forgot to take any more! However I do think it's a particularly lovely shot of Australia in mid-winter! As you can see, we have greenery all year. There was quite a chilly breeze blowing, though.

Loretta and I were unable to stay for lunch as we had a rehearsal in the afternoon. We had it at Carole's house so that we could sing to her piano. We rehearsed this year's main play 'Tiddly Pom' which we hadn't done for some time. We need to brush up on our words! I managed to remember to take one photo before we started work.
Here we see Betty, Loretta, Pam B., Dave, Malcolm, Maureen, Yvonne and Joy but the others were all behind me.

This is a special photo. It's good of Yvonne, in the forefront, but I've published it for Pam, at the rear, because she has just got on-line and I  think she might like it.


Madeleine Begun Kane said...

What a fun post!! LOL!

By the way, I'm a mere five foot zero.

Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...

How often do you have your reading session?