Friday, July 15, 2011

So Square!

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'For there is something there
That sounds so square.
It's a grand old name.'!
In my youth an old song about 'Mary'
Was sung by a fellow called Bing!
But fashions in song tend to vary
And it's not one a modern would sing.
In those days the word square meant 'faithful'
And 'solid', 'trustworthy' and 'good',
And the girl in the song, name of Mary,
Lived life in the best way she could.
Now 'square' is a word that's been altered,
A poor little waif of a word,
Meaning 'dull', 'rather boring' and 'studious',
Like that other descriptive word, 'nerd'.
Like 'cool' and like 'gay' and some others,
The word 'square' has seen better days.
So progress progresses regardless,
But some of us miss the old ways.


Old age as I imagined it! Not a picture of me!


Has my ego gone quite mad?
Is it crazy to be this glad?
Glad that I am me, no other;
Not even a copy of my Mother?
(She was always my ideal.....
Dimples, dark hair, curls! Unreal!)
The vision above was my idea
Of how I'd feel in my eighty-first year!
Sad, and bitter, grey, depressed,
Arthritic, shaky and all the rest.
And all my life I nursed regret
About my status. I used to fret
Because I never hit the heights
On which, in my youth, I'd set my sights.
Compared to the 'winners', so successful,
My life was humdrum as well as stressful.
I felt that Mother, Teacher, Wife
Were not real 'trophies' in the game of life.
In old age I knew I'd brood
About my lack of fortitude,
About my wavering ambitions,
And lots of other drab conditions.
Yet, here I am, in my eighty-first year,
Honestly thrilled that I am here!
My hobbies consume my every day.
My friends always 'come out to play',
My children and their children too
Are always fashioning something new.
I creak a bit, just on damp days,
And I have some geriatric ways,
But, on the whole, it's pretty good
To reach this point (never guessed I would!)
Those shining stars of my 'envy' years
Have had their share of grief and tears.
True, they enjoyed immense renown
But they are all on their way down!
I never had an UP and so
There's no DOWN for me to go!
Swap my life! No! I've got the best!
I'm  no longer envious of the rest!

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New artwork for Bastille Day, and a tribute to a friend who recently passed on.