Sunday, July 31, 2011

Help me Understand

asks us to use Scarlett O'Hara's final words in ;'Gone With The Wind'
'After all, tomorrow is another day'.

(A plea from a little old lady in Australia)

If you raise the credit threshold, does it mean you can borrow more?
Does it mean that greater indebtedness is what one has in store?
Does it mean that tomorrow, or another day, or further down the track,
There's even more that's been borrowed and has to be given back?
It's playing roulette with credit cards, juggling them about,
Hoping hard that none of them will ever catch you out.
It's robbing Peter to pay Paul and all that sort of thing;
It's playing that old 'adage' game of the roundabout and the swing.
I'm only an Aussie Granny, and quite ignorant, after all,
But it seems to me more borrowing will send you to the wall.
Those clever people in Washington all seem to have agreed
That further borrowing of some sort is what you badly need.
I find this quite perplexing, and horrifying too,
Because , if you go down the gurgler, we'll be following you!
'Live within your means' was something I was always taught;
'Cut your coat according to your cloth'.....another smart retort.
'Neither a borrower nor lender be' was pretty good advice.
Didn't your Mothers teach you that we have to pay the price
If we squander and we gamble and we just live for today.
I'd be happy if someone clever made this worry go away!
P.S. That nice Mr Obama is being pilloried for something he didn't cause! Leave him alone!


The liner twinkles in the dark.
Soon all the travellers will embark,
Not on a wild and stormy sea,
But on a night of revelry.


jabblog said...

Absolutely right!

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Jess PJ said...

Love the first one! It's a big mess and congress is not doing much for the helping it get smaller.

The second one is cute. Made me think of Gilligan's Island for a second. :-)

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Do hope Obama reads this. It says it all.
Nicely done ...

Mary said...

Wise words.