Monday, July 4, 2011

My Candle

asks us to use the words from Edna St Vincent...
'My candle burns at both ends'


My lantern is old and rusty,
Yet the flame within burns bright.
The candle gives a glorious glow
That lights the on-coming night.
There was a time, so long ago,
When both lantern and flame were pristine,
But now the lantern's decrepit
And it's lost its early sheen.
Yet still the flame keeps burning,
As, till life ends, it must,
When, at last, the light goes out,
And the lantern crumbles to dust.



I'd love to be an expert and know what it's all about!
I'd love to voice opinions, without a hint of doubt!
I'd love to publish books about the wherefores and the whys,
Books that people talk about and everybody buys.
I see that Maxine has her doubts about the books on slimming!
And authors who present themselves as not requiring trimming.
I'd like to think they're lithe and tanned and fitter than the fleas,
Because they keep away from chocolate, pink icecream and cheese!
But I've a strong suspicion that they're merely slobs like me,
Many kilos overweight, many more than two or three.
And what about the types who teach interior decoration,
Who give advice on decor right across a shabby nation?
I bet they're using an old chair that turned-up at the dump,
Merely because it's comfortable when the time has come to slump!
Then there are weather experts, surprised by the raging blizzards!
But, the ones that really take the cake are the Financial Wizards!
The knew it all! They wrote it all! The jungle drums were drumming!
But when it came to a CRISIS they none of them saw it coming!
Dear old sceptical Maxine! You've got it right again!
Don't believe the experts! Just be prepared for rain!
P.S. I'm not really overweight!


Anonymous said...

Rinkly - flows like a melody. I like it. By the way, your link on Carry On Tuesday is not working ... I came through the back-way by using your post and then searching for your entry. The hunt was worth it! :-)

Whitesnake said...

Re above........HA! You can not escape nor hide!

Oh and ya COT was brillant as usual but ya knew that aye?