Monday, July 25, 2011

Devout Wish

SATURDAY CENTUS us the words in blue and allows us only 15 words more to complete our entry!


Before I die I want to tidy all my cluttered shelves.
I am told repeatedly that they wont do it themselves!


One could well imagine a bright malevolent eye
Taking a vicious peek at you from way up in the sky!
Who knows what sneaky creature is lurking way up there,
To spoil your human pleasures from way up in the air?
You haven't an umbrella, and It seems to know that fact;
It also knows without a doubt exactly how you'll act.
As soon as the dank dark drops descend you'll rush off helter skelter
In some mad effort to seek and find a place where you can shelter.
But It knows your location, where there isn't a single tree,
And It knows just how wet and woeful you are going to be!
Listen! Is that thunder? No! It's It, would you believe,
Rolling around the sky with mirth and laughing up It's sleeve!

1 comment:

jabblog said...

I've often wished for Mary Poppins-like magical skills to clear and clean my house:-)