Sunday, July 3, 2011

Fractious Family

asks us to deal with a Word Family


A family of fractious words; a fractious family;
Such as the one, here, on the stage, living familiarly.
Father looks quite testy, mother's at breaking point;
Obviously she is touchy; her world is out of joint.
Maria's looking petulant; it goes with her red hair.
Agnes is being captious, flinging her head about;
Martin's feeling cranky and just about to shout.
Austin is so irritable, his head is in his hands;
Father's the dominant figure; they must yeld to his commands.
It's not a pretty picture; it's a little bit absurd,
But at least I did what you asked me to with my own chosen word!



On a pleasant Winter's day
All the world's at Warners Bay.
Cycling, fishing, trampolining,
Walking, lazing, simply preening.
Lake Macquarie spread before us;
All the sounds of sea-bird chorus.
Little children, laughing, running.
Older people sitting, sunning.
Picnics, ice-cream, thermos tea.
There's nowhere else we'd rather be.

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Anonymous said...

You found some great words from Fractious!