Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Before the After



Before the dinner-party
It looked all a-la-carty,
 Everything smart and neat
Placed before each seat.
Not a splash or drip
From any careless lip,
Not a  smudge of gravy,
Or a napkin gone all wavy.
Not a lipstick smear
On a glass that once was clear.
I thought I'd better plan,
Before the meal began,
To take a speedy shot
Before we messed the lot!



They're off! The little Piggy Porkers
Racing round the track!
Mr Green is way in front;
Mr Yellow's at the back.
In third place we see Mr Red
But he wont win the cup!
Mr Yellow's sturdier
And he is catching up!
Mr Black is second
But he may end up last
Mr Yellow looks determined
And he is moving fast.
Mr Green thinks he's a winner;
But I feel he is mistaken.
When Mr Yellow makes a dart
He'll be bringing home the bacon.
My money's on Mr Yellow;
He's the athletic sort.
He has a magnificent physique,
Truly built for sport!

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Winifred said...

That table does look lovely.