Friday, July 22, 2011

Dream Destination



Maggie Smith has a lot to answer for,
Along with other actors;
They are not entirely guilty
But they are important factors
Contributing to the sorrow
I carry inside of me.....
The sorrow that reiterates
'Now you'll never see Tuscany.'
Supposing there were a Heaven,
I'd ask for it to be
Exactly like the mental picture
 I have of Tuscany.
And yet, amazingly, I've been there!
Or, at least, I have passed through.
You'd think I'd be able to tell you
If the advertising's true!
We had journeyed to Europe
With knapsacks on our backs,
Intending to see Europe
Via the railway tracks.
But in Paris icy rain came down,
In Rome it was the same.
In Florence it really bucketed!
A late Spring was to blame.
Dishevilled, wet and miserable
We decided to go home,
Turning our backs on the dreariness
And misery that was Rome.
'Let us try Lugano first.'
Both of us agreed
And we set off for Switzerland
With rather half-hearted speed.
And so we sped through Tuscany
On a very humdrum train
And we couldn't see the countryside
Because of the pouring rain!
Maybe it was only the edge of it;
I was in no mood to wonder,
Since I was only conscious
Of the grey clouds we were under.
Lugano was delightful,
As we hoped that it would be,
But now I'm left with this sadness.....
'I'll never see Tuscany'.


One of life's greatest pleasures is saying 'I told you so!'
And I've been known to say it once or twice.
The recipient of the dictum is usually not slow
In telling me they don't need my advice!
But one occasion stands out in my meagre little brain
And I feel the need to tell you all about it!
I knew the World Economy was going down the drain!
I told The World, but the World just seemed to doubt it!
It was two whole years before the crash; it all seemed hunky dorey.
A young aquaintance (business-man) was speaking
About the strength of economies, in their monetory glory,
And of the future wealth that he was seeking.
And a little old lady (that was me) piped up and said her piece........
'Maybe there's nothing there! How do we know?'
And the gentleman exulting in the worldwide Golden Fleece
Reeled back as though I'd dealt a body-blow!
'You're just a little old lady' (I paraphrase his words)
'It's much too hard for you to comprehend!
Businessmen do business over the heads of common herds!
But everything's all right, on that depend.'
Maxine and I, we ponder; we view the world and see
The human follies other folk ignore.
We have a natural grasp of international currency
We see 'the less' when others see 'the more'.
And now we view the carnage, and look very, very sage,
Watching coffers shrink when they were meant to grow.
One advantage, Maxine dear, of our, well, venerable age
Is the chance to tell the World 'I told you so!'


Barb said...

Great poem and I can certainly relate. Somehow all the romance disappears when the rain comes down, eh?

Leah said...

My husband and I spent a lovely day walking in the rain in Paris...but let me be honest, now, older, I'm not sure I'd be as enthusiastic...

WyomingDiva said...

I wrote about dreams for this image too - loved yours!

Anonymous said...

Not being able to see Tuscany (or any other destination) because of time restraint haunted by a downpour would be disappointing ...

Marie Elena said...

Doggone rain! Nice write, Rinkly, and indeed perfect for our Poetic Bloomings prompt as well. Thank you for the link, and the mental pictures of your memories.

Janet Martin said...

We seem to be King of rainy vacations:) Weather really can make or break them!