Thursday, July 28, 2011


asks us to consider the horrendous age of Sixty-seven!


Thirteen years ago, when I was sixty-seven
I felt that I was very near to death.
Seventy was looming and that felt like a sentence;
I anticipated, soon, my final breath.
Thirty years ago, when I was just a chicken,
I felt that being fifty was just hell;
I remember feeling 'finished', all washed-up and past my 'use-by'
 I thought, quite soon, I'd hear the funeral knell.
Fifty years ago, when I became just thirty,
The thought of being thirty blew my mind.
Leaving the lovely twenties, with their romance and their passion
Made me feel I'd left my very self behind!
Yet seventy years  ago, when I was ten years old, a baby,
I looked forward to 'real life' with ecstasy.
I woke up every morning with a feeling of excitement,
Wondering what the day would mean to me.
Well, I've reached the age of eighty and life's once more delicious;
A new day comes, sad thoughts are for the birds!
Look at SIXTY, look at SEVEN and tell me what you see there.
I can tell you what you see, you see just words.


I went to a birthday party; this little girl was there
She didn't know me from Adam but she didn't seem to care.
'Do you like my hat?' she said to me with a cheeky little laugh;
Do I look pretty? Would you like to take my photograph?'
The hat was clearly an adult's so she had to hold it on.
'See you later!' Another grin. And, suddenly, she was gone!


Madeleine Begun Kane said...

Wonderful, especially 67. Loved it.

The Bug said...

Oh what fun! You are so right - they're just words. Frankly, my dad at nearly 71 is MUCH healthier than I am. My goal is to reverse my course so that I'm doing as well as he is by then.