Monday, July 4, 2011

As Seen From Above

supplied the illustration


The urban sprawl beside the purple sea.
The golden glimmer on each grass-green tree.
The lilac depths that glow from the lagoon.
The twinkle of headlights. 'Yes, I'll be home soon!'
I am an eagle; you are way below.
And I can only speak of what I know.
I cannot see your thoughts, shown in your faces.
I only see the shapes, the hues, the places.
To me the earth is one great abstract mass
Across which I may pass.... and pass... and pass.
You cannot know my world nor I know yours.
And yet we share these hills and lakes and shores.



'Look!' she cried,'The water's flowing just as smooth as glass!
We hardly make a ripple on the surface as we pass!'
And all the while another glass was mirroring her there!
Reflections on the water. Reflections everywhere!


For my readers who have a personal interest in my family, Harry was Seven years old at the weekend. This is a poor photo as it's a photo of a photo (the scanner is on the blink.) But I think you'll agree he looks older than his years in this school shot. We're beginning to know what he'll look like as a man. If only the years wouldn't go so fast!

As to my own life, some of us went to a Classical concert on Sunday afternoon........except that we didn't! We mixed-up the venues and ended up at a brass band concert instead! Not to worry, though...we all enjoyed it. The missing person is me. And Roz should be on the extreme right but she got cut off!

Front Row.


Cad said...

Reflections on reflections - nice !

Jinksy said...

Thank you for joining in with a high flying bird's eye view of Tandem! LOL

TulsaGentleman said...

Rinkly came to visit me.
Left a rhyme for all to see.
The car's not mine,
But I won't whine.
A gent from Tulsa that is me.