Sunday, July 31, 2011


supplied the illustration


I am destined to rule the earth;
Evolution knows my worth.
I've cousins even more fierce than I,
With sharper claw and beadier eye.
We'll grow and grow and proliferate!
World domination is our fate!
Oops! I'm feeling a little strange.
Did someone mention Climate Change?



A rainy day in Sydney (see the dark clouds to the right);
The sky was clouding over where once it had been so bright.
And, as we entered the Museum, I saw this fractured scene;
The world broken up in fragments, with window frames between.
Like some giant jigsaw puzzle the Sydney sky-line seemed
And then we quickly rushed inside as the rain arrived ...... and teemed!


SparkleFarkel said...

Your poetry moves me (I am always in awe of poets correctly taming the rhyming thing. That is to say, your entry sets the Succintly Yours bar!

jabblog said...

Climate change has been responsible for many things through the millennia. Pride comes before a fall and all that;-)

anthonynorth said...

An excellent take.

bj said...

I have always been so in awe of your talents, sweet lady. I am talentless and stand with my mouth open at all the talents in Blogland.:)
Thanks so much for coming by..hope you will come again....
xo bj

Kay L. Davies said...

Well done, Brenda. Scary to think we're participating in perpetuating climate change just by doing nothing.
I like your Sydney puzzle picture.

—Kay, Alberta, Canada

Pat said...

Climate change waxes and wanes by the solar flare cycles, but reptiles survive throughout the eons! Very clever, as always, Brenda. I am in awe of your talents.

Helen said...

I don't think climate change will affect him too much.

Nice rhyme.

Akelamalu said...

Fab take on the pic!

Tammy said...

I too am impressed by poems that are done well. But to combine all of it so gracefully--amazing.

Lisa Ricard Claro said...

Your microfiction tale is outstanding. You made me laugh even as I sat admiring the ebb and flow of your words. Terrific.

Susan Fobes said...

Always the master with these! I had nothing in the poetry realm this week...