Saturday, July 11, 2009

Wearable Art



I love the idea of Wearable Art, but Fashion just leaves me cold.
Wearable Art can be enjoyed by everyone, young and old.
The Fashion Designers like to pretend we can wear what they make, in the street,
But Wearable Art doesn't aim for the stores; it doesn't try to cheat!
Fashion-Designers use their skills to enhance the body's shape,
But 'Wearable Artists' use their art so the body can escape,
Escape from the tag of 'clothing' into the world of the mind,
Where anything is possible and beauty is ours to find.
Designers search for the skinny, the bean-pole, the haggard, the young,
Those waif-like 'normal' people we rarely walk among.
High Fashion is, it seems to me, simply just a con!
Wearable Art needs a bit of flesh to build the art upon;
Wearable Art needs a canvas, but any old shape will do,
The larger, the wider, the better so only the art shines through.
The flowers, the stars and the dragons, the suns, the moons in the sky
Are certainly not for the High Street, although they aim so high.
(And we mustn't confuse this Wearable Art with the art of Fancy Dress,
Which isn't designed as a work of art but as something to impress,
Something to add to a party or else a theatrical show;
Something to catch the eye of folk sitting in the very back row.)
Wearable Art, and Fashion, and Fancy Dress all blur;
What looks just crass on Emily, appears fine art on Fleur.
View the pictures on this page and then make up your mind;
Do you favour Wearable Art know.......the other kind?

Or this?
An oddity of fashion here:


Patty said...

Oh that poor girl in that last photo, surely needs a few square meals to put a little meat on her bony cage.

quilly said...

Wearable Art. There is a mall back home my love will not set foot in. All the mannequins look like your second picture. He says his money will not help them promote those images.

Kat said...

A ady with a nice looking dress is more easier to appreciate. The designers art can confuse people with all the holes and cloth in all the wrong places..!!!