Saturday, July 25, 2009

Useless Loop

suggests the meme
Where in the World?


Where in the world is Useless Loop!
I've certainly never been there!
And with it having a name like that
I wouldn't want to be seen there!
It's over in Western Australia;
It looks an arid place,
But with a name like Useless Loop
It can't be commonplace!
In fact it's the home of salt ponds
So at least it has some worth!
And from those salt ponds comes, they say,
The purest sea-salt on earth.
So Useless Loop isn't useless!
It has its part to play.
But if I ever visit it
I don't intend to stay!
More 'what's-in-a-name?' here:


Understanding Alice said...

lovely :)

Marja said...

Interesting I never heard of it either

Margaret Gosden said...

Yes, I have always associated sea-salt coming from the dead sea area - just shows how ignorant one can be of where something like salt comes from. As for NSW producing coal instead of growing food, that sounds downright anti-environment, not to mention how hazardous it is for the workers.

Americanising Desi said...

i havent heard of it!

Check out my prompt at
Where in the world

Granny Smith said...

Don't think I'd like to stay there either! Nice response to the SS prompt

Jmac (perth) said...

Done some work there in the 90's for 6 months.It was a battle fitting the work in between the fishing trips,great place.

Kat said...

Perhaps they wanted to convey " Use Less" of the salts... and the words joined together..!!!