Wednesday, July 22, 2009



No wonder they believed, as I know, for sure, they did,
That The Little People lived down in the grass!
They imagined little houses, little gardens, little paths,
And little tinkling voices, just like glass.
As the green grew deeper, deeper, more mysterious it seemed,
And they dared not part the bushes and explore,
For they knew that Faery Magick could carry them away
And their loved ones would be seeing them no more.
Oh that emerald Fairy-Land! We too once felt it true.
We too were Changelings, not quite of this Earth.
And still I can imagine them watching me from below,
And I hear the scented music of their mirth.
We have the taming of the green here:


Poopsie aka Blue said...

That is lovely!
I can see it illustrated by Arthur Rackham - have his book 'once upon a Time'.

Best wishes

Arija said...

Beautiful illustration and excellently written, most evocative.