Saturday, July 11, 2009

My Place.

M.F. John

has a picture of a disdainful cat.
I found this painting of a cat on a chair on-line and I was enchanted with the one-eyed look. It spoke volumes.


My Man is sitting on my chair!
He knows he shouldn't be sitting there!
I'm giving him a slitty stare.
It's My Place!
He's on the chair that's meant for me,
Slowly sipping a cup of tea!
He's been there since half past three!
In My Place!
He looks at me and gives a smile.
I don't smile back; that's not my style.
It seems I've got to wait a while
For My Place.
Now Man is getting to his feet!
The cushion's sure to store his heat.
I leap! I snuggle! Life is sweet
In My Place.
I watch him as he walks away.
In the end I got my way.
Now I'm here I'm going to stay.


Valerie said...

Absolutely loved this one, Brenda. Would you mind if I send it to my cat loving friend? I wish I could write poetry like you.

quilly said...

LOL! I loved this! My cat and I used to fight over my computer chair. I miss her little stubborn self!

Kat said...

you really understand the stare and heart of a kat, well :))))