Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Multi Mix!



It's very multicultural in Oz
As you'll notice if you visit us because
The Hottentots and Finns
Have such very different skins!
It's not the British off-shoot it once was.
As for me, of course, I'm Pommy through and through!
I must salute the old Red White and Blue!
But I still enjoy society
Which celebrates variety
As these two market stalls appear to do!
A different view from the same person here:


Sylvia K said...

Great shot and funny words to match! Love them!

Anonymous said...

One stop shopping - I love both cuisines, this would be heaven for me.

Unknown said...

Love your poem ...had me chuckling :-)

My husband often takes a homemade breakfast burrito to work with him ... very yummy !!!

quilly said...

I love variety in my cuisines, but I was in a LOCAL souvenir shop in Washington State, USA, and was quite perplexed to see on sale authentic Peruvian handcrafts. I was like -- hello?

Marites said...

i like trying out new cuisine from time to time. Looks like I can have my share there at that place in your photo:)

Kat said...

Multi mix stalls give a nice choice to people to experiment.